Lynda DesigningMy first design was a dollhouse I made from four orange crates from the grocery store. I was the kind of kid who would hang out in the architecture and interior design section of my local library to pour over floor plans and pictures of rooms. Somehow, I always could sense the energy and flow in a room, how it affected the people in it, and what worked and didn’t work. 5 cities and two careers later, I returned to my childhood passion because…

I believe that spaces can change lives.

They change how you feel, what you do, and how you do it. They can inspire, energize, ground, comfort, and align you. They can remind you who you really are. Or compel you to become the next best version of yourself.

I’m on a journey to help as many people with this message. Join me.

I work with people all over the country virtually and in person. You can also follow along for videos, tools, and behind the scenes previews through my weekly letters. Got a question? Send me an email at Curious to learn more about how I got here? Read my back story here.

The Official Bio

Lynda believes that spaces created with intention can transform people’s lives. She has worked on collaborative and innovative spaces with nonprofits like Historic Seattle and Washington Hall and by helping clients all over the country with their homes and work spaces. She earned a Masters of Arts in Geography from the University of Washington where she studied place-making and the politics of space. She has over 10 years of experience in project management, strategy, and facilitation at nonprofits and government agencies like The Center for Social Inclusion, Coro New York, and the New York City Council.

Resume Highlights

  • 10 years in leadership training, strategy, and facilitation
  • Traveled to over 46 states, 17 countries and in 4 continents
  • Full scholarship for a Masters Degree in Geography, University of Washington
  • B.A. and Magna Cum Laude at Tufts University
  • Fluent in Spanish and proficient in Tagalog (Filipino)
  • Board of Trustee for The Northwest School in Seattle, WA
  • Seattle Native. New York City Expat. Somewhere between spent 4 life-changing months in Havana, Cuba.
  • Aspiring ukeleleist 😉

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